Contemporary Antiquity, Inside Jobs, and The Shroud of Turin: Assorted News

I have been busy writing, speaking, and traveling so far this year, with excursions to Minnesota, Stockholm, the Pacific Coast, Paris, and Normandy. I've been enjoying art, history, and of course, fishing with my five-year-old grandson. 

I'll have more news coming soon, but below are a few highlights.

I talked with Eurobsit about how expert human eyes are the best technology to spot fake art and antiquities.

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Reading 10/15 at Washington County Museum of Fine Arts

I'm still enjoying doing talks and readings for Sacred and Stolenas well as talking about a passion of mine, the Shroud of Turin. 

I have a reading upcoming at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts on 10/15 at 2:30 pm. I'll be talking about Sacred and Stolen

You can also read an interview about the talk and my research on the Shroud of Turin in Herald Mail. 


 I have also been speaking at various places this fall, and I'll have more details to come. I've been to Old St. Paul's, Homeland 3 Arts, and Wednesday Club. Tonight, I'm headed to Chestnut Grove Presbyterian Church, and on 10/10, I'm headed to Charlestown Retirement Community. I'll update here when I have more news. 

If you'd like to bring me in for a talk about the inner workings of museums, the Shroud of Turin, Elvis, or a wide variety of subjects within the fields of art and history, please contact me. I'd be happy to set up a talk or reading!