Reading 10/15 at Washington County Museum of Fine Arts

I'm still enjoying doing talks and readings for Sacred and Stolenas well as talking about a passion of mine, the Shroud of Turin. 

I have a reading upcoming at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts on 10/15 at 2:30 pm. I'll be talking about Sacred and Stolen

You can also read an interview about the talk and my research on the Shroud of Turin in Herald Mail. 


 I have also been speaking at various places this fall, and I'll have more details to come. I've been to Old St. Paul's, Homeland 3 Arts, and Wednesday Club. Tonight, I'm headed to Chestnut Grove Presbyterian Church, and on 10/10, I'm headed to Charlestown Retirement Community. I'll update here when I have more news. 

If you'd like to bring me in for a talk about the inner workings of museums, the Shroud of Turin, Elvis, or a wide variety of subjects within the fields of art and history, please contact me. I'd be happy to set up a talk or reading!